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Metal Detector With A Single Sensor

Metal Detector With A Single Sensor

One way to be perceived. attached to the lower part of the band and the band above the other material mixed into the outside crusher and so on. Metals in size detects light that could damage the machine, voice and data signals from the role. Overband materials used at the places where the transport. Overband material height should not exceed 150 mm. Detection sensitivity and Min are 30-40 mm above the metal particles. The metal detector is a digital display control panel setting procedure is done by giving a numerical value. Interference, false alarm, soil and noise setting against adversities, such as radio signal has a menu. Metal detectors from sheet steel structure is suited to the bumps and harsh working conditions. Installation is easy and does not require structural changes in the transport system. The metal detector and warning sound or light warning system also does not require a connection. Metal Pin (rivets) easily available in the attached tape. Rivet is a standard sensor connection can be installed later.

Conveyor belt type metal detectors, more material moved over conveyor height 10 - 15 cm and are used in the lower places. All plants can be damaged fed by conveyor belts and metal (aggregate - sand - food - textile - etc.) Metal detector sensitivity setting and soil settings (basic setup) so basic stabilization setting the metal mixture in the material transported by yapılabilmektedir.b setting to 10% It can reset it. Conveyor-type metal detectors are manufactured to the desired shape and size. Our company can produce mutually discuss the necessary and appropriate solution. Metal detector which detects mixed into the material transported by belt conveyor belt ferrous and non-ferrous metal compounds is a system or stop the desired areas.
The workplace and applications: Heavy according to operating conditions, moving and mechanical parts free Easy to install Easy to use metal settings, which can detect metal within each material type (size and distance) setting can be done every kind of metal sensitive (chromium-copper-gold-iron, etc.) Optional It is connected as a detector system with the appropriate standard and optional features for industrial applications that can be manufactured in different ways. To make installation without the need for installation of steel conveyor belt, can be connected without any change in the control panel, PLC and the ability to connect to automation, is our own production there is no shortage of spare parts. 1 year guarantee. Standard equipment came from the metal relay 6 A. Fault received signals relay (with sound or light) 6 A. The metal came signal relay (audible or visual warning) 6 A. ground control system (basic setup) 220 V / 50 Hz A.C. 190-235 V working range max 20 W, short-circuit protection make the LCD screen by setting numerical value precision manual and automatic reset delay setting Noise setting Metal counting and reset possibility

Rivet Sensor

stuck before the metal detector used in the accompanying band with metal fastener rivet metal detectors are sensors that alert.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Supply voltage: 220 V AC ± 10% Max power: 15 W Board: IP 65 Sensor: IP 65 DKP sheet sensor cable: LIYCY supply cable: 2 x 1.5 mm Control relay: 10 Amp Changeover. Warning relay: Changeover 6 Amp. Fault relay: Changeover 6 Amp. LCD digital screen sensitivity and other settings to make that giving numerical value (0-250 from) Noise control (radio to be reduced to zero environmental impact - cable, etc.) Manual reset Automatic reset (0 - 60 sec) Delay setting (0 - 60 seconds) Products effect adjustment (0 - 60 sec), counting on the possibility of metal signal and reset LCD screen electronic and mechanical components can operate in -20 ° C to + 55 ° C range.

Metal detector settings parameters:

Sensitivity adjustment 0 - 250 range 0 is the lowest level of precision that metal the size of a minimum of metal detection is most greatly (practically 15 CMX piece of metal in 15 cm size) 250 is the most high level of precision that metal detection is the highest level of the metal the size of the smallest is the extent (in practice 2-3 cm or 8-10 mm 3 cm bolt metal particles in this size)
Noise settings: 0 - 100 Range
working in the automation business contacts, relays, switchgear consisting of short-term arc as switches, etc., etc., it is necessary to eliminate interference noise setting.
Riveting time setting 1 - is 10 sec.
The standard setting is the range of 1-2 seconds.
Reset settings
Reset button: the circuit is done with the reset button so the button.
Auto: allows for reset is adjusted depending on the time of the end time, the device is automatically activated.
Rejecting time: 0 - 10 sec
The band that the introduction of the relay after seeing the metal from the metal detector or means to stop the delay of the system.

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