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In 1993, we started producing metal detector magnetic products-Magnet-metal machines metal separators of many companies in the sector of protection and

in the product they produce metals, sorting (sorting)machine in many industries in the service sector in terms of production quality and safety we provide

because of the benefits we magnet and DETECTOR DETES as a family we are honored and our customers trust us for thanks...


after that, as the family DETES magnet and DETECTOR in order to produce faster and better solutions to our R & D efforts and our research on the subject he heard about the fears and discomforts METAL safe we are committed to making our esteemed customers.

improving the efficiency of the detector magnet and DETES, product enrichment and experience in the iron and steel industry and find solutions together with our customers, and we'd be honored to share our experiences...



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Detes Magnet and Metal Detector - Separator - Magnet

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